Signature Treatments

Duration Price
Haven Body Polish 30mins £58
An invigorating treatment to remove dry skin,refine skin texture and stimulate cellular regeneration. A refreshing and uplifting body moisturising treatment lotion is applied to finish.
Aromatherapy Salt Glow 30mins £58
This exceptional skin softening body exfoliation combines sea salts with nourishing essential oils, rinsed away with an aromatic jasmine body drench.
Get Fresh Spa Body Wrap 60mins £90
This refreshing and reviving treatment begins with a salt souffle for a spa-strength exfoliation, followed by a soy body mask loaded with vitamins A, E and B complex.The mask is then removed and a soy dry body oil applied to complete the spa experience.
Detox Body Blitz 75mins £98
Give your body a boost with this stimulating treatment that incorporates body brushing, lymphatic drainage massage,body envelopment,body misting and a herbal infusion. This is a great kick start to a detoxifying or weight loss program.
Nourishing Body Cocoon 75mins £98
This therapeutic treatment begins with a body exfoliation and a cleansing jasmine drench, preparing the skin to be nourished with warm oils, plus specialised hand and foot masques.The body is then cocooned, allowing deep penetration of the active ingredients, during which the head and scalp are massaged, easing away any stress and stilling the mind.This experience is completed with an exotic body butter as you slowly float back to reality.
Jet Lag Recovery 75mins £98
Combat the disruption and exhaustion of jet lag with a revitalising face and body treatment. A top to toe scrub and specialised products treat the dehydration caused by plane journeys,whilst an energy based pressure point massage restores your natural vitality.
Pregnancy Pamper 90mins £108
This pre and post natal treatment nourishes and regenerates the whole body with specialised products to tone the skin and prevent stretch marks. A customised therapeutic massage soothes away any aches and pains, whilst calming the mind and the emotions.